The marsh ecosystem Ezerce

The marsh ecosystem Ezerce is located on the east side of the town of Pehchevo, in the valley of Pehchevska Reka.The marsh ecosystem Ezerce is located at an elevation of 1,023m to 1,029m. This naturally created pond – marsh is the habitat of a specifc plant and animal life. The space around the marsh is flled with natural beauties, various plants, including trees. The space around the bar is filled with natural beauties, which is why it is put in function of education and recreation of the visitors. The marsh ecosystem "Ezerce" is additionally arranged with educational boards for marsh biodiversity, trails, lookouts, benches for recreation and recreation, equipment for children's entertaiment and other interesting content. The area around the bar is horticulturally arranged with plants characteristic of the marsh ecosystem, a platform has been set up and can be used as an open classroom to educate the target group of students and tourists, and the entire site is lit with candelabra.