The archaeological site St. Petka

The archaeological site St. Petka is located in the locality 4km north-east from Mehcevo, at locality St. Petka, among the local population also known as Manastir. It is an old Christian church with dimensions 7m х13m, that is, a monastery block with larger dimensions which, in addition to the remains from a church built of stone and lime, also includes accompanying buildings in the function of the monastery's economy. According to local beliefs and legends, it was an impressive complex with a bell tower whose sound could be heard even in Berovo and Carevo Selo (Delchevo).

There is an asphalt road to the local site, which is easily accessible for tourists to visit. Due to its excellent location and altitude (1045 m), it has an admirable view of Malesh in the south and Pijanec in the north.